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The Black Implant fixture System


Platform Switching of Bevel Area
Bacteria resistant tapered bevel

Double lead thread with 0.8 pitch

No micro-thread
Easy drilling performance

Tall lead thread
High initial stability

Big pitch
Rich bone housing
Promoting early osseointegration

Cutting edge
Design with 3 blade minimize bone destruction

The Black Implant characteristics

Biological Thread

  • thread platform design creates excellent bone to implant contact
  • Threads engage and penetrate cone with aese

Biological connection

  • The conical hex connection between implant and abutment interface ensures hermetic sealing
  • The biologic connection distributes the load to the fixture evenly. Therefore it helps minimize micro-movement and marginal bone loss
  • All implant diameters share the same internal hex

Cutting Edge

  • The 3 blade self tapping design minimizes bone destruction
  • Taper apical shape promotes easier insertion

Flat End

  • The flat end design reduces bone perforation risk

The black Implant Fixture Type

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